Redkorp Inc.


As I always say, the kitchen is the soul of any home. It has been proven that more time is spent in the kitchen than anywhere else in the home. That is why creating your dream kitchen is worth the investment for years to come. Our team is knowledgeable on kitchen design and construction on all levels. Whatever your choice of style is from contemporary to traditional to mid-century, we have done it.


Having a well thought out plan is the key to a successful bathroom remodel. It is important to know what your time frame is from start to finish. Decide whether you are wanting to do a complete demolition and start from the beginning with everything or if you want to just do some renovations. Knowing what tiling, lighting, vanity, shower/tub and flooring you’re interested in is a must! We always suggest that our clients take a look at pinterest or houzz for some inspiration on design.

Backyard Design

Adding a pool/spa to your backyard for an elegant look can become pretty costly. Although, on the flip side, it can increase the value of your home significantly. We have done several jobs in creating custom pools and we always ask a few questions first. Are you going to get a lot of use from this pool/spa or are you just wanting it to complete the look and increase the value? Building an in-ground pool from stone and concrete verses an above-ground pool can increase the resale value as high 50%. First you must know what the reasons for adding in a pool/spa because this is not a cheap project.

In Home Library

Whether or not you’re a book worm, adding a built in custom library adds storage space and vitality to your home. It’s a nice area to be able to unplug from the world to find some peace and quiet. You can make it a mixture of a lounge area and a library in one incase you’re not in the reading mood. We made a custom built in library space for one of our clients and they gave us feedback that this became their favorite place in the house. This is a home renovation that not too many people think of but without a doubt are glad we bring up to them!