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As we know the kitchen is the soul of any household. It is where life is cherished and where your first moment of the day starts. I like to call this the living room of the home – Why you ask? The kitchen is much more than a place where you just cook and serve food. The Kitchen is typically the gathering place in most homes over generations. From your first bite to eat, to your morning cup of coffee this is the place you jump start your mornings in and finish your nights off in. This is why having your Dream Kitchen is a valuable investment for your home. I am going to give a few remodeling ideas that won’t break the bank to change your kitchen from drab to FAB!


Countertops can make or break a Kitchen. Selecting the right countertops can make more of a difference than you may realize, until you see it. This is an area in the Kitchen where you can play it calm per say. There’s more areas where you can spice it up in the Kitchen coming up. I like to place it safe with a classic marble countertop.


Now the fun part – aka my favorite part… backsplash! I say fun because this is the one area in your kitchen that can be as funky and wild as you’d like. If you’re a more subtle person, you can keep it simple too. Although I suggest something on the more unique side. Backsplash is where the character in a kitchen comes out.  Not to mention backsplash makes your kitchen easier to clean incase of any accidents in the kitchen and who doesn’t like easy clean? I am obsessed with this glass backsplash with painted Grey backing. This will make your kitchen look a thousand times richer.


Now when it comes to lighting, I am a huge fan of LED strip lighting. The finish of it is very clean and non-bulky that gives it a vibrant open feel. There’s a thousand ways you can play around with lighting in your home but I am going to show you my favorite. I like to call it “less is more”.


Accent colors are a big part of adding flavor to your kitchen, if you are more of a simple design person this area is perfect for you. Maybe you just want your kitchen to be a solid color, well that’s fine! All you need in that scenario are some accent colors, maybe some gold trim all throughout or a few chandeliers that have a popping color. This will add interest, color, texture and beauty to your new kitchen renovation!