Redkorp Inc.

Landscape Lighting

Whether it’s the entry of your home, your backyard or your driveway, landscape lighting is a way to make your home gleam with radiance. This is definitely an eye catcher to any home.

Walk-Way Lighting

The perfect addition to your outdoor staircase is to add lighting. Think about how convenient this will be when you’re having a gathering in your backyard and it gets dark out. This is not only a beautiful investment, but a smart one at that!

Closet Lighting

Think of transforming your closet into a luxurious sanctuary, the right lighting can do just that. Lightening up your closet will help it appear larger and enhance the architecture. Low profile lighting such as strip lighting will contribute to giving your closet the space it deserves. They are very subtle and do not take up any space!

Illuminated House Numbers

Light up house numbers are what I like to call a double win. You get to give your house a conspicuous look at the same time helping your guest’s spot your residence without having to roam the neighborhood in the dark.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting was created to emphasize on definite features of the desired area in your home. In this scenario I love accent lighting inside a custom pool, this gives your backyard a super luminous and rich image.