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Whether you are a home owner looking to invest or just needing more room in your already existing home, converting your garage into a living space is the best route for you. You may have heard of this as an Accessory Dwelling Unit, In law units, Granny Flats or a Garage Conversion. They all consist of the same thing with equal rules and guidelines. In the Bill Governor Jerry Brown has approved this new law in the Los Angeles County with still a few ground rules that must be followed. Those ground rules insist that the size of your conversion may only exceed up to 50% of the main house or 640 square feet depending on whichever is larger. It must not exceed 1,200 sqft. or exceed five feet from the property line. You may see a full list of requirements in the Senate Bill No. 1069.

Homeowners may apply for permits as long as the regulations for this law are met and approved by the city. This is why it is extremely important to have a professional come into your home to give you advice that is accurate and cost efficient. We have seen a number of garage conversions done illegally that have now cost the home owner triple the amount due to them having to start from scratch and go through demolition.

There are a ton of benefits of converting your garage to a living space but lets just state the obvious, you gain double the profit! Living in the City of Los Angeles it’s no secret to notice the high rental prices which are only increasing. The average house in San Fernando Valley is valued at $356 per square foot. Adding 400 square feet may increase your property value by roughly $142,400! This turns into an extra source of income, on average Los Angeles rentals start about $1500. Converting your garage is an long term investment worth making.