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If you are interested in creating more usable space or possibly just adding value to the home there are many things you can do with your garage besides just parking your car. Why would you not want to utilize the space in your home and get more out of the property? The perfect place to start with that is converting your garage. There is a plethora of ideas you can do to transform your garage and I am going to give you a few options for your next conversion.

In Home Gym

There is no excuses about not making it to the gym anymore when you create your own gym in replace of your garage. An in home gym not only adds value to your home but it helps save you money each month. Instead of spending on your gym membership, investing in re-creating this part of your home to a workout area will make it not only more resourceful but motivating to be healthier as well.

Photography Studio

Whether you are a photographer or like to be in front of the camera, a cheap way to make money doing either would be converting your garage to an in-home photography studio. This is a smart way to bring your income in with your business and be able to profit more rather than losing money on cost of renting out an additional studio. You can add shelving units to garage storage behind the backdrop to get use out of every inch of the garage.

Movie Theater

We all love movies but do we really enjoy spending fifteen dollars per ticket and twenty dollars minimum on snacks and drinks? NO. Having your own in home theater saves you money on your weekend movie nights and instead you get to be in the comfort of your own home. At least this way you won’t be as disappointed if the movie is terrible, you just turn on the next one!

Lounging Area

If you want to have the luxury of feeling like you’re not in your home but feel like you got out, a lounge area is ideal for that. This is not a costly thing to do either, ultimately adding an HVAC system, flooring, painting, lighting and furniture is all you will need to make this look less of a garage and more of a lounge. This can be an area that you can invite guest’s over to with the luxury of being able to keep the mess out of the house.

Guest Bedroom

Here is where the investment part comes in to play, if you convert your garage to a guest bedroom you can rent it and profit the money you invested in doing so. If you live in Los Angeles as we know everything is double if not triple the price of other cities. That being said you can charge renters as low as $1500 a month. This project will be a little more extensive than the rest listed above, but lets just say it will pay off.